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Monday, January 26, 2009

Zionist conspiracies

If there was anything guaranteed to promote anti-semitism it's the decisions by the BBC and now Sky to decline to broadcast appeals for humanitarian relief for Gaza.

There can be no controversy that Gazans desperately need aid, now. The devastation and human-rights outrages from the IDF's New Year operations are now leaking out, despite the Israeli prevention of independent journalism from Gaza. Civilians there suffer/ed famine, drought, the bombing of civilian areas inc. schools and the use by Israeli forces of banned weapons such as WP (white phosphorus). It's a fucking mess, a tragedy and a war crime.

The BBC's decision to boycott relief appeals for Gaza on the basis of 'maintaining independence' defies belief and reason. 1.5 million Gazans- civilian men, women and children- need help now; this is not a debatable political viewpoint but a material, human fact.

The BBC's stance makes a lie of their alleged lack of bias, and is an outrageous betrayal of the principle of independence. The BBC know that most Gazans are historic refugees, robbed of freedom of movement, and sitting ducks. They weren't terrorists before, but will be now in the face of blanket collective punishment by the IDF, and now the turning of the cheek from supposedly impartial reporting agencies. If people didn't hate Jews and harbour suspicions about their abuse of power before, they will now. Jew-haters can now quote this event, with evidence, as a further example of the Zionist conspiracy, where Israeli interests outweigh all else.

God help the Palestinians and God help the Jews, when this is how 'fairness' is played out.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thankfuckly the planned three days of scary split-shifts were aborted (for reasons outwith my control) before I reached the Ativan category. Just 36 hrs of this jobbiness had mental meltdown rapidly approaching, with the 13 hrs/day turning out to be more like 18hrs/day. Now I've slept, my rational mindset is to make as my management priority to manage to prevent such scheduling happening ever again.

John Humphries, Eddie Mair and Ed Stourton of Radio 4 relay the redundancy count and unemployment figures daily, hammering home that it's a bad time to be making waves in a private sector job. I've flirted with an eminently-suitable, well-paid jobby opportunity in the public sector, but based in the Midlands. But my ambivalence is exemplified by a complete inability to complete the application form, using a million excuses, for over 2 months. Truth is I can't face losing treasured time with kiddos through relocation, even though they'll be grown and living independently soon enough anyway, at least if I'm a successful parent. But in the short-term I can't face their tears from my selfish opportunism, and selfishly I want to have every available minute with them while they're still kiddos.

You're soon enough dead, no one wishes on their deathbed they'd worked harder, and there's no pockets in shrouds.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's here! Recent blog silence requires filling with ephemera.

1. The Big Wan's dyed his hair permanently black. Now he looks so individual as to be indistinguishable from his Fraggle friends. Excepting me and R., all other friends and family have complimented his New Look, but I seriously miss his unusual, natural and age-limited ash-blonde hair. I blame the big gay pink telly.

2. Most reasonable people would be having interesting dreams now (4am), but they're not stupid enough to work a (temporary) split-shift pattern of 13+ hrs per day for 3 days, with no more than 8 hrs between shifts for no extra pay. No way you can sleep on night 1, and by day 3 you can't not sleep, even when awake. Should I start proselytising some epiphany on Friday, Ativan may be in my best interest.

3. A forgotten 30 yr old photo has become part of the montage cover for a family friend's music CD, to my pleasure. I'm told the CD is very good, but who's that girl?

4. Full arc rainbow captured on Monday: it was snowing 5 mins later.

5. Her Catness' response to dog invasion of territory (for curmudgeons)- few can puff up, growl with such quiet menace or arch as magnificently as She.

6. This month's full moon...(look outside yesterday)