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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lost chord

Since backing-up is not my forte, here's a record of youtube related songs, some of which have featured on previous driving tapes. Here's a compilation for an iPod, had I one (and I haven't), especially one with a video visor. Have they invented those yet?

Jimi: Wind Cries Mary

Muddy Waters: Mannish Boy

Happy Mondays: Step On

Robert Wyatt: I'm a Believer

John Lee Hooker: Gloria

Patti Smith: Gloria

Howlin' Wolf: Dust My Broom

Bob Dylan: Subterranean

Roky: Gonna Miss Me

Rolling Stones: Miss You

Rolling Stones: Under My Thumb

Jimi: Hey Joe

Buff Medways: Fire

Captain Beefheart: Booglarize

Joni Mitchell: Coyote

Cream: Tales of Brave Ulysses

Standells: Dirty Water

Small Faces : Whatcha Gonna Do About It

Dandy Warhols: Junkie

Cornershop: Brimful of Asha