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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've been thinning and filing paperwork to have an efficient office for my administrative activities. which are many. All is getting in order now, thanks to poly-pockets and good influences, but two vital documents are missing- my birth certificate, and my notarised change of name to my step-father's surname. These were submitted several years ago for divorce proceedings and (quite probably due to my negligence and the Guilty bag) then lost.

Getting a replacement birth certificate from the US is going to be an ordeal. I was born under one surname, that of my biological father, then by family convenience and common use adopted my step-father's surname. To complicate matters, my sister and I have the same initials and surname. Just as well I didn't change my name again when married- that would just have made an already tangled identity worse.

My change of surname wasn't formally notarised till I was in my 20's, but I've been known exclusively by this name since age 8. That means I have little evidence of my original identity, apart from my family's say-so. Legitimacy- identity- reality- all become suspect.