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Sunday, August 28, 2005

How time flies...

... when you've discovered sudoku. Six weeks gone without a peep of product from the factory, and it seems like just yesterday that I picked up my first ever puzzle. Take it from me how compulsive these can be, especially to us with addictive and obsessional proclivities.

The Independent serves a daily portion of 4 sudokus, which can take me up to 4 hours to complete (God help me). For when even these don't stop the itch, The Guardian website carries a back-catalogue of pdfs. I've even guiltily bought Sudoku Monthly off the top shelf in Smiley's cornershop. Their and the Guardian's medium equate to the Independent's difficult- and not for candyasses.

Also over my sabbatical, recurring themes include:
a) Evolution of love
b) Evolution of female orgasm
c) Phenomonology of love and sex in middle age

I may hold forth on these in due course.

Reading- evolutionary psychology
Anatomy of Love
The Mating Game
Origins of Virtue
Mother Nature

Other refs
Paul Gauguin
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
William Blake
Marlene Deitrich
Kurt Weill