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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lack of sleep makes you stupid

Watching sleepers the last few nights has ruined my circadian rhythm and also made me thick. Weds night I checked my email to find that a train company had kindly emailed my booking for two returns from Glasgow to York, and charged my credit card £137. Now, I do not live in Glasgow nor can I afford a weekend in York, though that would be lovely in principle. This sent me into an orbit of rage and distress, as a helpless victim of the "identity theft" that ID cards will (of course) prevent in the future.

I rattled off a hysterical email to the company claiming fraud, criminality and theft before remembering at 3 am that-
My sister lives in Glasgow
She has a couple of days off work next week
We share the same ISP and
Have the same initials and surname

I believe that the tickets were salvaged before the Serious Crime Squad were called in, and sis and I had a bit of a laugh after. Have a nice time in York, my dear.