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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carole Shelley from Billy Elliot

Ms. Shelley plays a dotty grandma in Billy Elliot, delivering my favourite song from the show. She's in cabaret format here- not character- with this stirring performance.

And Grandma in character, with earthy lyrics


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Kiddos and I spent 8 wonderful days in New York recently with my Californian dad and step-mum. Not a city I knew before, but now my favourite European city. Spent a whole day each in the Natural History Museum and the Met, and covered maybe 25% of their riches. My folks treated us to seeing 'Billy Elliot' musical on Broadway, which was wonderful. New York is a civilised city with excellent public transport, a tourist-friendly order in street naming, clean avenues and parks, incredibly helpful citizens and a rainbow society to which we should all aspire. Am working on the kiddos to study there so I can visit more often.

I worked a last 2 days at the old workplace and am now on leave and recognizance before starting new jobbie at beginning August. Despite social and weather hiccups, R. and I celebrated her birthday a day late today with shopping and then a trip to Cairnpapple- the highest hill in West Lothian, and a Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial site. The stair-rod rain first necessitated returning home to change out of our soaked clothes, but we set off to Cairnpapple (allegedly translated as Hill of the Magpies) in the spirit of hope and were rewarded by blue skies, curious calves, summer sunshine, panoramic views to North Berwick and Fife, and the blessing of the chemical toilet in Historic Scotland's Nissen Hut.