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Friday, August 29, 2008

Enhanced Disclosure VIII (reprise)

Latest typo from McBT's Disclosure Scotland (maintaining a 100% mistake rate) is that my correspondent's misspelled her own email address. Worst is, McBT's not even doing it on purpose- they are really this incompetent. It puts a new complexion on the phrase 'criminal record'.


Dear [Disclosure Scotland],

Thank you for your email below, which apologised for your unit's previous typographic errors. Since Discover Scotland's purpose is to meticulously link identities to events within a legal framework, I would expect better standards of accuracy.

Sadly, my emailed responses of the 21st and 23rd of this month to the email address supplied at the foot of your email have been returned as undeliverable. Could it be that your signature's email address (see below) is also incorrect? It has no period between first and surnames, unlike the address I write to here.

Be this as it may, your email below states that I must now personally take my dispute to Sussex Police.

In response:
1. Please provide me with the full content of your correspondence with Sussex Police, undertaken on my behalf while investigating my Enhanced Disclosure dispute.

2. Please inform me of the powers, responsibilities and limits of Disclosure Scotland to investigate disputes by applicants.

3. Please inform me of the current status of my dispute in your system, with reference to Disclosure Scotland's targets, and whether my dispute is now classified as rectified or unrectified, ongoing or completed.