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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Enhanced disclosure II

Soon after instituting my 'dispute' over disclosure of my deep, hideous and dark criminal past, I received an acknowledgement letter from Disclosure Scotland.

#1 mistake in the letter was its statement that my dispute concerned 'the accuracy of the information contained in [my] disclosure', when this is a bald misrepresentation. My dispute letter made it clear I was disputing rather the incorrect disclosure of entirely accurate information, and misapplication of the 'relevance test'.

#2 mistake- a damning one- was that the letter is addressed to a stranger with my address, fore- and surnames, but a different middle name. If I'm receiving this doppelnamer's highly privileged, confidential information, some other stranger is very likely receiving the same or worse on me and my criminal past!

Seriously, one would've thought that a system sufficiently comprehensive to dredge up fossil criminal offences might also carry the ability to do a basic fucking mail-merge.