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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hallo my dears,

Long time no see, but I survived the winter and am back on form due to combination therapy of happy pills and sunshine. I can't possibly fill in 7 months absence except to say; alles gut mit mir!

Let's see... in the interim
1. British troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, dying for a cause we now can't remember
2. There's a new coalition govt talking about some 'Big Society' for English women's institute people, forcing Vince Cable (an actually reasonable guy) to inform us that higher education is fucked, and some other dweeb to tell us that the NHS is also up the swanee
3. Obama is getting panelled by the tea party movement- is this the US equivalent of the women's institute?
4. Annual mating swarm of flying ants transpired locally this Tues, to my immense delight
5. My Big Wan may be moving out to a campus Uni in a couple of months (coalition govt willing), and the wee wan might become socialised soon
6. It was R's birthday yesterday, so we sang her 'Happy Birthday' and will take her out for boozy fish lunch this weekend
7. I stopped and then re-started drinking alcohol since my last post. Prefer the latter
8. Have had adventures both in Wales and the Trossachs the last few months, and planning another lost weekend in Berlin next month with R.

A bit shallow, but I have to ease back into my metier gradually. After all, it took me 2 hrs to trace blogger sign-in and password. Phew!

Ion x