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Friday, November 24, 2006


Ratty of Flying Rodent tagged me.

10 Things I Will Never Do:

1. Sign up for the Armed Forces
Too old now, and never wish to hold a gun
2. Join the BNP
I'm an immigrant myself
3. Shag Tommy Sheridan
Not if he was the last man on earth
4. Wear stiletto heels
Uncomfortable, dangerous and akin to Chinese footbinding
5. Cook coq-au-vin
Life's too short
6. Go back to ironing clothes
If you buy clothes wisely, you can ditch the habit too
7. Sniff solvents for recreation
Few enough neurons left
8. Become 'born again'
Abdicate responsibility for free thought? No thanks
9. Have another baby
I can borrow others'
10. Undergo breast augmentation
They're not going to look good at 65

I in turn nominate Hotboy, Robmcj and Gerbil01.